Pid probs on 3.6

I have a slight problem,if I switch out of RTL into loiter/position hold I get a we jump.if I lower PSC_ACCL_I and itPSC_ACCL_P it cures the problem but then loiter/postion hold and alt hold become a bit lose,is ther an other parameter to help the jump problem,many thank’s,Marty

Hi Marty,

We’ve got another discussion here which may be the same problem (we don’t yet have a solution). If you can post a dataflash log we can verify that it’s the same.

Thank you,im going out flying today will post a data flash log latter on

here is a copy of my data flash,have up the I&P accl pids butwill need to increase a we bit more,jumping when I change from RTL to loiter many thank’s,

2018-11-12 11-18-26.log.param (14.4 KB)

not sure if this is correct log


Txs for the params but actually I’d really like to see a dataflash log file which shows the jump in alt…

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Ive tried to download the bin file,but it gets to about 70% then aborts the upload very sorry about this any good Randy

bin<a class=“attachment” hr

You need to upload the .bin file to a file sharing/storage service like Dropbox or Google drive, there’s many, and then post the link here.


here we go I hope,many thank’sbin hope this is it

Hi Marty, can you get files directly off the SDcard? There’ll be bunch of files with a number sequence plus date and time in the name, and .bin as the extension.
You’ll need to copy oneof them to a file storage site and post the link to it here. Each file storage site has their own way of generating a link to share.

If you’re using USB and MissionPlanner (or QGC or APM Planner) then check their docs for the exact procedure to download a (bin) log file to you computer.
Check this link:

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Thank you Shawn,will read that and is tonights project,your a star