PID log parameters description


I was studying Onboard Message Log Messages — Copter documentation to understand more about that is being logged and when I reached PIDA,PIDE,PIDN,PIDP,PIDR,PIDS and PIDY I started to become confused.

For all of them the description is “Proportional/Integral/Derivative gain values for Roll/Pitch/Yaw/Altitude/Steering” but that does help identify what each of these parameters do.

Not wanting to make assumptions, I searched here and could find some mentions identifying PIDR for roll, PIDP for pitch, PIDY for yaw, PIDS for steering, PIDE for east west velocity control, PIDA for both thrust system response and for acceleration, but actually for speed but PIDS was taken, and didn’t find anything for PIDN, probably it is the pid controller for north south velocity control.

Can someone confirm what I have found and PIDN?

North. Plot PIDN>ACT against PSCN (which is North)>DVN

thank you for the answer.
Can you also confirm the others?

Others are correct I think but PIDA is altitude I believe.