PID and GPS Stabilize Mode

Could you say if the PIDs settings are used in GPS Stabilize mode ?

In fact, I only wan’t flight in gps stabilize mode and I’m afraid of autoTune…

May be I will do autotune but after some flights…


I think you are mixing a few things.

The most basic flightmode is stabilize mode. It does use the PID settings, but does not use GPS. You have full manual control, the only thing the FC does is try to keep the drone level in case it gets pushed around by wind or tips over due to weight imbalance.

Normally if you start with a fresh FC you get default PID settings that work reasonably well, at least enough to get it into the air and stable enough to do autotune. It can be a bit scary, but at least in my case it has always worked well enough to allow me to rune autotune.

Once you complete,an autotune things will get better.

Use autotune in either althold or poshold - that way you won’t need to worry about holding height/position.

Not sure if there is something specific leading you to be worried, but I’d say go for it (autotune) unless it is unflyable as it is.


Edit: to my knowledge the PIDs are used in all flight modes - I have not tried the acro modes though… might be different for those