Periodically alter PWM

Hey there,

So I’m currently working on a autonomous boat and since i plan to use it at night i want to put some bright led’s as position lights on top. But since i don’t really want them to be lit all the time but flashing for more attention i found some PWM-On-Off Switches. You essentially have a PWM from 1000us and it’s output is off and if the PWM is above 1800us its on.

Now to my main question: Can i make a PWM output time based? Like that it alters every 2 seconds from 1000us to 2000us and back?
Or has anyone got a better idea to realize something like this?

Thanks in advance for your answers.

I would do that on the Transmitter with a simple Timer function in EdgeTx.

Well i don’t plan to use any transmitter but only a XBOX controller as input. The main goal is to get it autonomous…

you could do it with a lua script.