Performance review of Quadcopter

Hi Team,

I have been flying with my pixhawk quadcopter for quit a while now, at first I have encountered many problems and have resolved them with the help of the great people from here. Today was a perfect day, there is no wind at my location so i went for a flight, my quadcopter flew great, In loiter mode The quad was rock steady and there were no visible yaw deviations and the battery failsafe worked perfectly as expected. I am satisfied with my quads performance. But I want to make sure my quad was healthy from logs perspective as well, so I will be glad and Grateful if anyone go through the log file. Please give me guidance and where to go from here on in my Ardu Pilot Journey.

Thank you in advance.

Update to current Stable firmware. You are on default PID’s so the tune is not the best. Notch filter is close, you could make these changes:

It’s a bit underpowered/overweight.

Then run Auto Tune.

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It’s really good that you find that the defaults are good.
You’ll be surprised how much better it will be once it is tuned :slight_smile:


Thank you dave for your suggestions, will make the necessary changes

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Can’t wait to run the auto tune

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Hi guys, I have one more question, I can’t seem to takeoff in loiter mode or alt hold. I always take off in stabilize mode, after i reach the desired altitude/position then only i engage the alt hold/loiter mode.

Please explain how to take off in loiter mode

Raise the throttle until it lifts off. This will be around mid throttle.

Thank you dave, will try it

Hi @dkemxr

I want to do the Auto tune, but now i am facing two new problem’s,

Problem 1: I have measured the flight time of my quadcopter with the current battery from start to failsafe, It is giving me almost 10 minutes. I know that auto tune requires around 15 mins to complete.

Problem 2: my radio has only 6 channels, I know that inorder to trigger autotune i need a 7th channel.

Any ideas on how to solve these problems

Problem1: you do not know for sure until you try it. One Axis should take less than that.

Problem2: No you do not, set it as a flight mode.

Both “Problems” are dismissed here and the procedure to get single axis and autotune as flight mode are also there.

Yea, neither of those are problems. Do some reading.

Thank you dave, sorry for asking these pointless questions.

Hi Dave,

I don’t see these 2 param in the current version of AC v4.4.4 : –
See attached.
Where are they hiding ?

First set INS_HNTCH_ENABLE,1 then refresh parameters and they will appear