Passthrough telem: "AK09166 reset failed"

Hi @Leonardthall, I do not know if this should be a new topic but I did not find anything online. I just upgraded from AC3.6.8 to AC3.6.10 and although everything looks ok I have a strange passthrough telemetry message popping up 2 times as soon as I power the copter: AK09916 reset failed. I tried to go back to 3.6.8 and the message disappears. Am I missing something? Should I worry about this message?
I thank you in advance!

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Hi @FilippoFranchini

Please open a bug report on GitHub.

Don’t forget to specify the exact model of the hardware you are using.

The error is benign AFAIK

Hi @LuisVale
thank you for your reply. I will open the bug report. Benign it means that I do not have to worry about right?

well, I’ve seen it on some boards and nothing bad happened. I believe that the system is trying to enable a sensor that the specific board does not have.

Thank you @LuisVale this makes sense to me, not sure if the Pixhawk 1 has the magnetometer AK09166 on board but I am sure my external compass+gps module has a LIS3MDL compass. I opened the bug report now.

I have been seeing that as well on my Pixhack CUAV v5. It goes away after a couple of minutes and reboots.

Dear @rge99 in my case it does not reboot. I just see the INFO message two times a few seconds after powering the copter but then it does not show anymore and it seems I can arm the copter without problems,

@LuisVale today I was able to do a test flight with the new 3.6.10 version. The copter is flying as usual but it is very interesting because that message I told you yesterday is not registered as a MSG in the dataflash log. It appears only on my TARANIS as passthrough telemetry message.

Yes. It’s not a log message, but only on boot

I’ve added it to the agenda of the weekly dev call so we will definitely discuss it next Tue

Dear @rmackay9 thank you very much for that.

I also see this message when booting AP Plane 4.0.3rc2 on Omnibus F4 Pro v3 board - again on my Taranis messages page (Yaapu telem script).