Passthrough FrSky Telemetry: What is IMUt?

I get a sensor named IMUt.
What is that ?

It’s supposed to be IMU Temperature. But it doesn’t work for that. I never did figure out what that sensor does. Mine initializes at 32F, then just goes to 66F and stays there.

The 0410 to 041F sensor ID’s in the new FrSky data ID’s are supposed to be for T2 first instance (0410) to T2 last instance (041F). So in the sources for the yappu telemetry script Alex has it defined thusly:

But I don’t know where in the script it actually uses that. You could ask on Alex’s blog post page in the Blog section about what that does - it might be something that’s not implemented yet but defined for future use.

Edit: another search of the sources in the yappu telemetry code reveals this:

./horus-changelog.txt:- added IMU temp support as custom IMUt sensor (experimental)
./ - sensors VFAS,CURR,Alt,VSpd,GAlt,Hdg,GSpd,Fuel,IMUt,ARM are exposed to OpenTX, see the wiki for details.

thank you very much.
Now I found it in the wiki.
IMUt IMU temp °C Custom 041F 0 Temp (°C) 0