Passing telemetry(GPS location) to GCS with Jumper T18 via USB

I was not asking whether such a software patch exists or not. I just was asking whether it is possible in theory to create such a patch (for the transmitter manufacturer). And if not (i.e. there are some hardware limitations) - then why?

But, frankly speaking, this is more a hypothetical question right now… there are a couple of more important, practical things mentioned above that I need to know regarding my flight controller and receiver choice…

You can use the SBUS as shown. I don’t use the RSSI.

This setup will only get you telemetry to your radio. Then you can use Yaapu to get GCS data on radio screen. Yaapu has the full map setup for GPS information if you decide to use that. It is a one-way street for the data, you can receive data, but you won’t be able to upload additional commands beyond what you’ve setup on your radio. I don’t know of any way to pass that data on to your laptop from the radio. If you need to have a laptop running QGC or MP then you will need to look at a different system. RFD systems makes a radio package that will do what you’re looking for, the TXModV2. Or you could install telemetry radios such as In theory CRSF will do what you’re asking for, but that’s proving to not be very useable and if GCS data is important to you then I would not recommend CRSF for that yet.

As for the distance, a 900mhz system should go far more than 500m. Advertisers distances tend to be very optimistic so 10km may be a stretch, but I’ve never used the FrSky R9 so maybe it lives up to it’s expectations. I believe you mentioned in another post that you were using a Echine VTX, if so be aware that you will likely out fly your video signal much (much) sooner than your RC signal.

It’s all about priority and trade-off. What do you want your drone to do? And unless you have the budget to support everything, what features are you going to give up to get there?

I think these Jumper receivers don’t need the inverters. I’ve never used the FrSky receivers so maybe I misunderstand the issue, but I use the Jumper R9 receivers on a number of Matek F405 boards (wing, STD, CTR) and each time all I’ve done is connect the two pins to an open UART. It’s been great for getting the Yaapu Telemetry. And at the price the Jumper R9 has been a great receiver for my hobby builds that don’t need anything fancy.

Edit: I’ve been calling these the receivers by the wrong name. They are the Jumper R8. So every time I said R9, I meant to say R8. AFAIK there is no Jumper R9.

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Ah OK, non-inverted output, brilliant. Thanks for the correction Allister!

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True, I indeed use Echine VTX. It is advertised to be able to fly at the distance ≥2km at 600mW. My first intermediate goal is to get to this 2km with video signal. My ultimate goal is to fly at 5-6km distance with video signal. I need to take care of both - control and video. So the first question is whether this 915MHz Jumper R900 receiver is capable to fly at the range of 5-6km? What is your estimation?

Once I achieve video signal at 2km range - I’ll think how to stretch it further. Even though I didn’t quite yet understand how those devices are working, but I saw a 60km range video device.

In general I try to keep the drone itself as cheap as possible (since it is at risk most on such long distances) and prefer to invest into the static equipment to get better signal/quality.

I don’t know about the Jumper Rx but a Frsky R9MM (and others I have) will do that if I’m flying from inside my house thru a screen and glass window. Telemetry will die depending on other obstructions but RC control still good. This is FCC with adaptive power (1W max) and the Moxon antenna generally pointed at the craft.

Are you using the Jumper 5in1 internal module for this? I saw somewhere it’s 300mw.

Yes. It’s inside of the Jumper T18 Pro.

OK, significantly less power than a R9M with FCC adaptive so what I posted isn’t relevant.

Spend money on good quality antennas and really pay attention to where they are installed. The usual places people put antennas on quads are fine for sub 1Km, but if you are going to push the limits of cheap gear you need to really be careful and maximize your installations.

Manufactures notoriously overstate their range. So don’t be surprised when your 2km radio drops out long before that.

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Can I run yaapu script without this product, so I got it right ?

Depends on the receiver.

If you use a receiver such as the Jumper R8, or the Radiomaster R161, then you do not need that cable.

I don’t use FrSky receivers so I can’t say what you need there.

CRSF does not need the cable, but it requires use of

RFD900 and DragonLink do not need the cable, but RFD900 has some quirks with false messages… (there’s been software updates since I used it last so maybe that’s been fixed)

For FrSky receivers you MUST use the cable.

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Do you have a Pixhawk Flight Controller as shown in that attachment? There are other options depending on what FC you have. A good summary here:
And another potential option, again depending on what you have for hardware:

If you have an F/H7 processor FC and a Frsky Rx that supports Fport (most do), this is the easiest implementation. Only one UART required.