Parameters that affect throttle for a softer landing

Param List.param (17.7 KB) Greetings,
what are the parameters to work on (in Mission Planner) to have a drone that when the throttle is lowered (from the central position to the lowest position to make it land (stabilize)) it does not descend like a rocket … but more slow.

No parameter for Stabilize. Fly in Loiter. There are several Loiter parameters that can make it very responsive.

thanks Dkemxr x your quick answer … my problem is that when I decide to land in stable mode when I lower the throttle the drone immediately shoots me towards the ground …

Right, that’s how stabilize works. You control the throttle manually. You can try to increase MOT_SPIN_MIN slightly but it’s not meant to prevent this just enable stability at the lowest throttle setting. It will still drop rapidly. Land in Loiter or AltHold. Or use Land Mode.

I had already slightly raised the value of MOT_SPIN_MIN … going from 0.15 to 0.18 but I have not noticed any improvement … I can get used to landing using the other functions indicated by you…loiter…althold … land. .
Other drones have never had this problem … this drops like a rocket when I turn the throttle down to stabilize.

just use althold mode instead of stabalize mode