Parameter as in dev firmware for stable version. changing port settings

The bottom line is that I use r9mm, for this, yaapu script is installed on taranis x7. For this bundle to work, I solder the wire to tx uart 2 and solder to r9mm. In serial 2 I set protocol 10 and there is an item in the developer firmware (4.0 dev) in setting up the show option! I choose option 7. And then telemetry works, very well with a small delay.

And the question is how to do the same but in stable firmware, because there is no option there.

If the option is not there, the software does not support it.

I know, I request support for the implementation of the function

4.0-rc3 will become stable very soon.

I do not understand. Of course it will, but in the stable version there will no longer be an item for managing uart