PARAM options/values update

Hi there,

I cant see some PARAM values on Mission Planner. It seems like the value field has no impact.
For exemple, in Rangefinder.cpp there’s the Rangefinder orientation PARAM which have the values of:

// @Param: _ORIENT
// @DisplayName: Rangefinder orientation
// @Description: Orientation of rangefinder
// @Values: 0:Forward, 1:Forward-Right, 2:Right, 3:Back-Right, 4:Back, 5:Back-Left, 6:Left, 7:Forward-Left, 24:Up, 25:Down
// @User: Advanced
AP_GROUPINFO("_ORIENT", 53, RangeFinder, _orientation[0], ROTATION_PITCH_270),

What I see in the mission planner is nothing under this PARAM options.

How this thing supposed to work?

Go in help tab, you should have an advance button or in the layout dropdown hange the basic option to Advanced.
Then you can see those param (_ORIENT is RGND_ORIENT or something like that !)

No you didn’t understand me. It’s not that I can see the relevant PARAM, I can see it, but the options and description are empty

ho, sorry.
I think the only way to hope to have the parameters description filled is to update mission planner.

That was a screenshot from the most up to date Mission planner (1.3.46)

I have found that using CTRL-F and selecting the Parameter Gen button could fix this.


I tried what you said without success, still looks the same

@galdalali Please open a topic in Mission Planner category as this is an issue with it, not exactly with Copter. In any case here is the documentation for that parameter: