PARAM options update

I cant see some PARAM values on Mission Planner. It seems like the value field has no impact.
For exemple, in Rangefinder.cpp there’s the Rangefinder orientation PARAM which have the values of:

// @Param: _ORIENT
// @DisplayName: Rangefinder orientation
// @Description: Orientation of rangefinder
// @Values: 0:Forward, 1:Forward-Right, 2:Right, 3:Back-Right, 4:Back, 5:Back-Left, 6:Left, 7:Forward-Left, 24:Up, 25:Down
// @User: Advanced
AP_GROUPINFO("_ORIENT", 53, RangeFinder, _orientation[0], ROTATION_PITCH_270),
What I see in the mission planner is nothing under this PARAM options.

How this thing supposed to work?
( I already open a topic on copter forum

_ORIENT is a param that is 3.5 related.
by default if you are not getting MP beta updates, you only get params for the current stable release. in this case 3.4.4

try enableing MP beta updates. then control-f > param gen

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Ok, I can see the right info on a beta MP.

Can I change an older MP version so the params will be updated? or just specific ones?
I thought the software only reflected the params on the pilot’s code. Why it’s not true?
I did not find any mention of specific parameters in the MP code.

I think I found what I’m looking for.

If I change manually the xml file: "ParameterMetaData.xml"
Then I can see the changes on an older MP.

But I still cant see for example the _ORIENT param in this file even though I have beta installed on my PC (It’s related?)