Parachute not releasing

Hi everyone,

I have an issue with releasing the parachute on my Skywalker running Arduplane V4.1.6

When I release the parachute manually, the parachute releases fine and I get the message “parachute:released” in MP. However, I programmed an auto mission where the parachute should release after reaching the last WP (WP40 in this log). Instead of releasing the parachute and stopping the motor, I only get the message “parachute” in MP, and the aircraft continues to RTL mode, saying “mission complete”. When I upload an auto mission with only the parachute release command, everything works normally.

Note: The parachute should release at around 51% in the attached .tlog.

Any ideas?

@JakobGL I had a look at your log, and the DO_PARACHUTE had param1=0, which means it doesn’t release. You need to have param1=2 to trigger a release
I tested in SITL with 4.2.2 firmware and it works fine with param1=2

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