PandaRC 5804 video transmission IRC Tramp protocol

I have a PandaRC 5804 video transmission, which support IRC Tramp protocol for OSD.

There is an option in BetaFlight like below:

I cannot find this protocol in serial3_protocol:
-1:None 1:MAVLink1 2:MAVLink2 3:Frsky D 4:Frsky SPort 5:GPS 7:Alexmos Gimbal Serial 8:SToRM32 Gimbal Serial 9:Rangefinder 10:FrSky SPort Passthrough (OpenTX) 11:Lidar360 13:Beacon 14:Volz servo out 15:SBus servo out 16:ESC Telemetry 17:Devo Telemetry 18:OpticalFlow 19:RobotisServo 20:NMEA Output 21:WindVane 22:SLCAN 23:RCIN 24:MegaSquirt EFI 25:LTM 26:RunCam 27:HottTelem 28:Scripting 29:Crossfire 30:Generator 31:Winch

Does Ardupilot support IRC Tramp?

Did you solve the issue? I have met issue on PandaRC How to set ImmersionRC Tramp VTX configuration?