Pan/Tilt gimbal behaving strangly

Good day all
I have 3.6.3 copter ( hexa ) installed on pixhawk 2.4.8. 550 frame.

Trying to get a pan/tilt gimbal working.
One of these:

Tilt on servo 9 , input ch 10 , stab tilt enabled
pan on servo 10 , input ch 9 , stab pan NOT anabled.
I can control pan and tilt from my Taranis QX7.
When moving copter in the tilt-plane, tilt is automatically corrected.
Pan obviously not auto correcting.

However, when I tick the “Stab pan” tick-box, both the tilt and the pan
auto-corrects as the frame is moved. What is happeing is that now
the tilt-button on the QX7 moves BOTH the pan and tilt directions.
Pan button on QX7 ONLY moves pan-directions of gimbal.

On the RC-calibration page I can see no bleeding between channels 9 and 1 0and yet
it “seems” as if when chaning ch10 ( tilt ) it also changes pan ( ch9 ) !!!

Very weird observation. Anyone perhaps seen something lke this ?


I’ve moved this to the Copter-3.6 category because, as a “Blog”, it was appearing on the front page of

My apologies for that slip-up !!!

Any chance you have a dataflash log of this? if the vehicle is disarmed it might be necessary to set LOG_DISARMED = 1 to have it create a log. After changing this parameter be sure to reboot the flight controller or it won’t log the parameter values. txs.

Thank you rmackay9 for the response.
Apologies for only responding now. I have been side-tracked looking for another motor for my drone - seems the 2312S DJI will soon be discontinued . Seems my new motors are at customs and I am hoping I can start testing them over the weekend !!! Anyway , at the moment I do not have logs. I shall put that test-drone on the bench again and enable logging while disarmed and see if I can get a log to post. Regards.