Outdoor Rangefinder Comparison

I propose to collect user experience about rangefinders (information and integration can be found in the docs), that can be used in outdoor conditions for terrain following and object avoidance. Such a rangefinder has to have a real-world outdoor range of more than about 20 m to be useful. Post your experiences and I´ll try to update the list as I get more information from the community. Here I´ll start:

  • LightWare SF10/A (25m), SF10/B (50m), SF10/C (100m) and SF11/C (120m): Widely used reliable sensor. I have personally used the SF11/C with great results. The casing is a bit bulky, it weighs 35g, but performance is great.
  • LightWare LW20/B (50m) and LW20/C (100m) in a waterproof casing weighs 20g and only 10g without the case (SF20). Good performance, I currentl use this sensor with no issues, but users have reported, that the SF11/C has better performance in humid/misty environments.
  • Benewake TF03 (180m) around the same price range as LightWare options, but somewhat larger and heavier at 77g. Users have reported outdoor ranges of more than 66m. Experience needed.
  • Attollo Wasp200 (200m) with a nice case and only 26g, but 2-3x the price of the latter options. Experience needed, could not find much information on this sensor.
  • Garmin Lidar-Lite v3 (40m) has had multiple problems with the previous versions, but should be fixed with v3. The price and range is about half of the LightWare options. There is also a HP version with dust/waterproof casing. Users have reported, that the outdoor ranges is only about 15-17m, which puts it on the edge of being useful for outdoor applications (besides landing). It might be necessary to include some capacitors to get it working.