Osd off when trigger Servo

I got this problem i cannot find why: whenever i trigger a servo i connected on pixhawk the OSD Values Disappear from the lcd screen. I use the camera trigger function to activate the servo to open and close. I noticed that whenever i trigger the servo the display on the lcd has some interference and then back to normal but i loose the osd as soon as that happens. Any help on this??

What type of OSD and is it powered separately .

its minimosd, yes powered serarately. they are digital servos and i think they make power fluctuations affecting the osd power somehow.

thinking of powering the 2 digital servos with an independant 2s lipo so prevent this hopefully.the thing is i dont know how long can 2 digital servos last with a 2s 405mah lipo

Yes its a power issue. The OSD is sensitive to power brown out and needs to be on it’s own power and usually a good bec.

thanks. how do you suggest to power the servos?>

This is what I used in the end.
There was no messing about with these. There is a 9 amp version and its great

What is the noise level @ 6A load?