OSD module integration

Hello everyone,

Can we connect OSD module to any other ports other than tele1 and tele2, because both are already in use. Please guide me with OSD module for pixhawk Orange cube and its hardware connection.

Thank you

Serial 4 is free.
Serial 3 is usually associated with the GPS port, and you could use that too if you have a CAN GPS unit.
On a recent Cube carrier board Serial 5 is used by the ADSB receiver, so normally you can’t use it.

Thank you Shawn for the support,

Could you please suggest any OSD module which operates at 6S(24V), as the Video transmitter and Camera Operates at 24V in my setup.

Most stand-alone OSD units operate on 5vdc, there’s discussions somewhere about which ones work. They can be safely powered from the 5v on the serial port.
I’ve used these:


The modern alternative is a DJI digital FPV goggles and camera/VTX set soemthing like this

Then you just need to wire it up and set