OSD display reset to summary page every 10 seconds

My Minim OSD V1.0 is flashed with Minim OSD Extra R621. After it is connected to either APM2.6 (Copter heli 3.2.1) or Pixhack (Copter heli 3.5.7), once flight mode is changed, the screen switches between summary page and normal data display at exactly 10 seconds interval.
Has it got to do with the param starting with SR. If yes, which one ?

Thanks for any help.
Param attached.

Param_______Pixhack 2.8.4__Copter heli 3.5.7.param (13.5 KB)

Param__APM2.6__Copter heli 3.2.1.param (5.4 KB)