Oscillations during bench test - where to start?

I changed the ESCs on my 650mm quadcopter (Cube Orange) from PWM to Dshot150. After re-calibrating the controller and setting the motor range again, I get a resonance at the low end of the throttle. As I increase from the lowest RPM, at one point it starts shake the whole frame. In the docs, I see several methods for dealing with vibrations. My questions:

  1. Should I wait for a flight test to identify harmonics?
  2. How do I decide on which filtering method? (Throttle based, RPM, in-flight FFT, ESC telemetry)
  3. Is there something I should try before I jump to filtering?

Try Dshot600 instead.

  1. Yes
  2. in order of best reference; Bi-directional Dshot RPM, ESC Telemetry RPM, FFT, Throttle.
  3. Initial Parameter setup.