Oscillations after (not during) high speed runs

I’m trying to figure out why my copter oscillates in pitch/roll after a high speed run. It’s fine while going high speed, but a second or so after, it oscillates. My gyros get noisy just before and during the shaking.

Today I halved and doubled my PID’s from what I get w/ autotune, and that made no difference. I also moved my filters up and down by 1.5% and that might have changed it a little, but it never went away and I couldn’t really find a pattern, so maybe that didn’t really affect it either.

Here’s an image of where the problem happens in a graph. And also a log.
I don’t have the gyros on this image, but if you look at my log, go to that time and look at the gyros… They get noisy during the issue, then quiet again, and the issue goes away. I’m not sure what else to look at.

I’d appreciate any advice.

Thank you.