Origins of SkyViper's Sonix board

Is the SkyViper Sonix board based on this open ip camera?

Nice. Thank you. I was able to register and get access to their forums. I wonder what I will find on the inside of a Sonix board if I cut open the can. I’m hoping I will find pins or connector pads for attaching Pomona Micro SMD Grabber test clips and Black Magic Probe.

By the way @lordneeko do you know where I can get a SkyRocket “debug adapter” mentioned by Andrew Tridgell at 230 seconds into this video?

Sorry I don’t. There have been some discussions on this forum however.
And Matt Morton would probably give you some info on it. (He’s the SkyViper engineer that built the thing)

On this thread they talked about Sonix debugging

@lordneeko that is a very interesting thread. Thank you.

I’m considering laying out a PCB bed-of-nails board that mates to the back of the flight controller board with pins touching each of the approximately 16 connection pads (solder points). But I don’t know what half those pins do. which brings me back to my wish for SkyRocket “debug adapter:” with it I might also get some description of each of the solder points. At the moment I know what 8 of the pins are for (debug console, SWD, and USB). I don’t use the USB. I suppose it needs a driver that I don’t have.

@Matt_M how might I get a SkyViper “debug adapter” mentioned by Andrew Tridgell at 230 seconds into this video?

Hi Vincent,

Here’s a pic of the board designed for the 2018 Breakout Debug board. This connects to the ST-Link V2 on the 20 pin cable, then has buttons for BOOT, RESET and breakouts to the FTDI as well as the 10-pin Molex connector.

Also, here is the pin-out for the board, so you can see what goes where.

Also, I don’t think you would need a special USB driver for the USB port on the 2017, from what I recall.

Hope that helps!


Photos of inside Sonix board, if you have not found thia thread.

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I gotta say, the support from SV on the openness of this product has always impressed me.