Orientation during IR-Lock landing


Is there any possibility to automatically revert the yaw orientation to the takeoff orientation during land, independently from WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR?

The background is, I would like to have my copter landing in the original takeoff orientation using IR-LOCK precision landing. When I set WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR=0, the copter does not change its yaw orientation any longer during landing.


Yes it is possible. You can store the yaw after or during takeoff. and later on, using dronekit, before landing restore it.

That sounds quite complicated :slight_smile:

With WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR=1 the copter rotates during land and yaw is at the takeoff origin. After land it has the orientation on the ground it had at takeoff.
When I change WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR=0, the copter lands with the yaw as it is in that moment. So the orientation differs from takeoff.

Is this correct, or am i doing something wrong?

Maybe i need something like the opposite of WP_YAW_BEHAVIOR=2, „Dont face next waypoint except RTL“ …