OrangeRx R415x receiver compatible with Futaba transmitter?

I am building a small drone with Afromini as autopilot and OrangeRx R415x as receiver. I would like to know if this receiver is compatible with Futaba 14SG transmitter.
If this receiver is not compatible with Futaba transmitter, can Futaba receiver be used with Afromini autopilot?

Hoe about a link to that Rx

You will need to give us more info.
I did a quick search on HK and could not find that Rx.
Nearly all the other OrangeRx state Futaba compatible, but as Futaba have a couple of different protocols, you will need to find which one the Orange Rx supports.

I think it’s an older DSM2/DSMX protocol Rx which would not work with a Futaba transmitter. Well, maybe if the Tx had a module bay that would accept a DSM2/DSMX module it would.

this is the link to the receiver