Orange cube+ connecting with Lidar issue

Hi everyone, I’m having a problem when i’m trying to connect my lightware sf20 lidar to orange cube+ pixhawk i did the paramlist changes for the RNGFND and the wiring tx-tx,rx-rx but I’m still not getting data from the lidar has any one worked with lightware sf20 or sf30 before? because i’ve tried both of them and i’m still having the same problem

I think you’ll need TX-RX and RX-TX as with any serial device.

Unfortunately i’ve tried connecting TX-RX,RX-TX before but that didn’t work too i’d love to see if someone has connected lightware sf20 or sf30 to pixhawk orange cube+ before to see what port and settings on mission planner they’re using to make it work because i already have wasted too much time on it to make it work but couldn’t make it work on every single way possible

Wiring it backwards (as indicated in your opening post) is a sure fire way to have it fail miserably.

Here is the doc page:

Might be useful to know exactly which model/variant you’re using. Some of the recently updated ones have initialization strings that are not yet supported by ArduPilot. But the older, more common ones are well supported.

thanks for your continues help Yuri, I’ve tried Lightware sf20 and didn’t get any readings then tried another lightware sf30 lidar and still having the same problem, also i’m using RNGFND1 for hereflow sensor and it’s working very well but couldn’t get any of my lidars to work on my orange cube+ pixhawk

after a long journey of trials and software updates-degrades i managed to get it to work! the problem was only when i’m connecting it to the orange cube+ pixhawk, the problem was i used an external power source for the lidar with connecting the TX-RX,RX-TX (yellow-white) wires to pixhawk but when i looked at cubepilot ecosystem image i found out that there’s ground wire connected to the pixhawk even when they are using an external power source so i used the pixhawk power source 5V and ground and surprisingly the lidar has finally worked!

Indeed, you need a common ground reference for serial comms or else nothing works!