Optical flow not work

hi please need a help, opical flow not work PX4FLOW V1.3.1.
my copter f450, pixhawk 1 radiolonk, firmework 3.6.10
with gps work well, i want use optical flow for inside.
after configuration the optical flow and test i can’t fly loiter mode or position hold (disable to switch), althold can’t increse the throttle. stabelize no problem.

test roll and pitch
picture of OF

Do you have a rangefinder? That is required for some modes…

no range finder, no ultrasonic

From the docs:

  • As with the PX4Flow sensor a range finder is required to use the sensor for autonomous modes including Loiter and RTL
  • FlowHold does not require the use of a rangefinder


i can’t use OF without rangefinder?
can a use baro or flow hold?

You should be able to use FlowHold, I don’t know about the others…