Optical flow and GPS

I was wondering if adding a flow to my machine will actually help loiter and pos hold precision, does it cohoperate with GPS and is it fused into EKF to add precision? Obviously when the altitude permits for flow to work.



Nobody knows if flow is fused into EKF and helps gps during GPS enabled modes?

It combines the data from all available sensors using the EKF, including an optical flow and range finder. On the info page it talks about disabling GPS to test the OFS. http://ardupilot.org/copter/docs/common-px4flow-overview.html

Yes i read the configuration and setup page, i was just wondering if it would be used on low loiter on pos hold to hold a better position. You answered my question, so the flow is used to help EKF even if gps is enabled.

Thank you.


Could a dev maybe answer my question about flow?

My doubt is if flow when enabled TOGETHER with gps improves loiter performances, obviously when flow is in usable range (low altitude).



Nobody has any idea on this?

Yes, I think the EKF will blend in both GPS and optical flow data so in theory at least adding an optical flow (and a rangefinder) should result in a better position and velocity estimate which could result in a better position hold (for a good loiter or poshold performance the vehicle needs both a good position estimate from the EKF and well tuned controllers).

sorry for the slow response.

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