Open TX FRSky Telemetry Passthrough

I and trying to get the full range of telemetry that is available via FRsky Passthrough. I can get the full range of information using Standard FRSky Telemetry as shown on this page

But I would like to get the Native passthrough information. When I make the required changes all i get are RSSIm, RxBat, A2 and GPS. So what have i tried?

  • Updated Transmitter QX7s to OpenTX2.2.3
  • Updated receiver X4RS with latest X4 firmware from FRSky
  • Changed Arducopter telemetry settings for Pixracer Serial 4 to allow passthrough (setting 10)
  • Redid the “find sensors” but only finds the four shown.

Any ideas anyone ?

Better start here