Only Channels 1-4 recognised in Mission Planner

Hi there,

I’m currently trying to setup a quadcopter using a FlySky FS-i6S transmitter which is bound to a FySky FS-IA6S receiver.

When connected to the Pixhawk, Mission Planner can detect the joystick inputs on channels 1-4 correctly but does not detect any movement from the switches from the transmitter which is preventing me from being able to set up flight modes on channel 5.

The receiver is connected to the Pixhawk’s ‘RC In’ via its ‘PPM Out’ and PPM is shown as the output mode on the receiver. I have also tried an FS-IA10 receiver with exactly the same results

I have also allocated both of the 3 way switches ‘SWB & SWC’ to flight modes on the Rx

Ive also tried changing the communication method (and cable connection) to S-BUS and still have the same issue.

Can anybody help?

If MP detects channels 1- 4 then it’s not a communication problem, it sounds like you don’t have any switches assigned to the other channels