Only 10 readings from the IMU!

Hello all

i working on pixhawk 2.4.8
and i connect it by 3DR radio

i programming on python by dronekit Library

I can’t get more than 10 readings per second by 3DR radio
Note that I reach about 200 readings per second when i connect by USB

what are the parameters should help me to increase the reading by 3DR ?


can you help me plz

10Hz is pretty fast for radio telem.

My radio is 433 MHZ
Is it reasonable that I can’t reach more than that with this radio?

That rate depends on two things:

  • SR1_ (or SR2_) parameters that dictate update rates for certain classes of mavlink data,
  • and indirectly Baud rate of the serial link.

SR0_ is for the USB port, SR1_ is for the serial1 port and so on…

The baud rate of the 433MHz sik radios can be increased but you will lose range. I have a set running at 115k baud (like USB) but I would only use them for very close range testing at that rate.

  • Baud 115200
  • Air 128
  • Max Window 80
    and you need to adjust your telem/serial ports to match of course.