Online log file viewer

So I have been out of the hobby for the past 2 years.

Getting back into it, and getting my birds back in the sky

Prior I was using online software to analyze the .bin files

Looks like that site is no longer online

Is there a replacement online site? I prefered that way vs looking at the logs in mission planner


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Thanks, I will check it out

Welcome back! There are actually several new tools for analysis generally called Webtools:
Ardupilot Webtools
Filter Review Tool

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Cool. Thanks Dave, I will check them out

One more thing that might be new to you. Use Magfit to calibrate the compass and generate the compass motor offsets.
Page down to the MAVExplorer section for instruction.

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Is this required for the new builds? Because I upgraded my cuav nano, And now I’m having a ton of Compass errors. Also, there are some very strange behaviors that I’m seeing as far as altitude and loiter modes. I will be posting a bin file here little bit later on for you to take a look at and see if you can come up with a root.

This hex has been stable as can be since I bought an assembled that but now all of a sudden I took it out of storage, updated the software/firmware and now it’s not behaving very well

It should be considered the standard calibration procedure. And it depends on the compass related messages you are seeing as to whether they are errors. There is more being reported these days…

Magfit is simple. Fly a few figure-8’s with some throttle changes and then follow the procedure in the video. It’s easiest to put MAVExplorer on the desktop and just drop the .bin log file on it.

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I will post my log file in a little while however, I think tomorrow morning I’ll run through all the calibration steps from radio to compass all from scratch and see how it goes

Probably more to do with the Notch Filtering also as there are more options. What version of firmware did you update from?

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Not 100% sure. I will need to look. But whatever it was, it was probably current in early 2021. That’s the last time these were flown and then when I plugged it in it I performed an update.

Nice to see that you’re still around Dave :+1:

Make sure EK3 is enabled and EK2 is disabled. I think the update should do this but not sure. If you came from 4.1 then it’s probably good.

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One of the other weird thing I found is that it couldn’t maintain altitude in loiter mode, which is weird because I have a Benwaki TF mini.

And no, the RPMs were not at Max

Looks like they redid to

I find this a much easier way of looking at the logs

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