OneShot125 ESC only use normal PWM on ArduCopter v3.6.11

My quadcopter use same parts on frimware v3.6-Dev and v3.6.11,
but OneShot125 only work on old version v3.6-Dev.
I didn’t change any parameter except PID settings,and set MOT_PWM_TYPE=2.
Is this normal? Or what parameter settings need to be modified?
Any comments will be much appreciated.

my main parts:
FC: PixRacer R14(form mrobotics)
ESC: ZTW Spider PRO Series 20A HV ESC(BLHEli v14.5)
Motor: SunnySky V3508 380KV

I noticed this also. I’m wondering if it’s still running Oneshot125 but being scaled differently in the log. Just speculation…

Oh, so that’s why my APD esc was unhappy with the signal, while BlHeli32 was working. Because APD won’t take anything below DShot300.

Its not normal
I’m using AC 3.6.11 with oneshot125 and my logs looks like first picture
Here is a sample of my log

It may not be normal but this is what I’m seeing with a bench test on V.4.0.0-rc1. You can see the settings:

I already used those settings, and updated firmware to v4.0.0 RC1.
Than I got same result.

Bad, bad, bad news…

Please can you share Flight Controller name? It may help to solve the problem.

Oneshot125 is broken on my Navio2 since 3.6.0, still bad with 4.0rc1… Was fine with 3.5.7

What is your FC?
I’m on fmu2 pixhawk

And before updating to AC 3.6.11 i did a full emmc and sdcard erase
it may there is a parameter mismatch from older version to newer

Well this looks suspiciously like a factor of 8 difference which is responsible for a known bug in 3.6.x but fixed in 4.0. But I wonder if there is still some issue there …

Its a Pixracer.

Adding characters to reach 20.

Something fishy here. I see this issue on the Pixracer but on a Pixhawk 2.4.8 (same V4.0.0-rc1) on the bench the RCouts are in the proper range for Oneshot125. You just have to look at the MP status screen to see this.

I see more than one problem.

BlHeli support was fine with 3.5 firmware,

BlHeli-S (unknow?)

BlHeli-32 reveal two problems: hardware engineering not ready for ESC telemetry, BlHeli passtrought, and / or software not able to handle the load.

IMHO hight rate dshot is not in line with arducopter medium to large working multicopters. We need a good support of low to medium KV motors (oneshot125 or dshot150) without need to reassign outputs in an exotic scheme.

Till next ?? generation hardware with full BLHeli-32 telemetry support is available, please, try to preserve or restore what was working.