One link multiple vehicle doubt


I have a companion computer connected to my flight controller through dronekit sending battery_status with custom values. If I connect the flight controller with MP I can see this message being received as vehicle 255, ok, so far so good.

Then I decided to add another device in another end, to see if I could extract these custom messages. Instead of doing this, it extracts the original battery_status from the flight controller. After debugging I realized this happens because when creating a vehicle object to connect to a link, it automatically targets vehicle 1, the flight controller by default.

I searched for a solution for this and found a github discussion about adding the option of connection multiple vehicle from the same link within dronekit. There is a branch from dronekit and pymavlink that offers a answer, but this branch was never merged back to master and I found that strange. After some digging within github I found the branch was closed because by that time pymavlink had a way to accomplish this so it made no sense to do the merge.

Then I went to Python (mavgen) · MAVLink Developer Guide to see how I could do this and then I read this:

The link does not properly handle multiple systems running on the same port. If you need a multi-vehicle network see source-system-filtering.

The link leads to the closed branch. So I am at loss, is there a way to connect to multiple within a same link or not? And if there is a way, how can I do it?

It doesn’t even need to be a big help, just need some pointers in the right direction and I can figure out the rest