Onboard OLED Display for Pixhawk - Part 2 of 2 - Learning

My next set of question about OLED displays are:

  1. Is there a larger screen size has anyone ever tested? Something like 5 x 5 Inch etc. Like an LCD display?
  2. What content customization is possible when it comes displaying information on the screen? can it be totally customized?
  3. Does OLED display works for all frame types such as Rovers? if I recall it was only good for Planes. Maybe someone can refresh my memory.
  4. How about using a touch screen display and send predefined commands to Ardupilot while it also displays information the way one programs it?

I know, I am just exploring all possibilities…


It definitely works OK for Copter, but I’ve only ever seen the very small displays

yes the small ones works fine. I am looking to take this idea to the next level…

Have put it on a rover and works.