On/Off switch for cutting off power/current?

Anyone know of any On/Off switches that can handle 60A? I want to have a switch for cutting off power to the power management board.

you could add a circuit breaker.

There are some battery switches used in yachts, that can handle that amount of current.
You can use them.
Here is an example.

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@Mustafa_Gokce @geofrancis Thanks. They look good, but my battery and pmb uses xt60 connectors. Are there any solutions like those you posted, that can be directly connected to the battery and board?

Don’t think so. DIY :slight_smile:


I see they are sold out. He is a forum member @Artem_Skorsky make some more! :grinning:


silicon prices skyrocketed in black market, or completely out of stock by manufacturer. The mosfet we used in switch project is out of stock , we re-designed the pcb with different components . Soon it will be available in stock again.


Im not sure how these work. Is it as simple as this?

NOOOO both red wires go to the switch.

This more like it? Ignore the connectors

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yes that is much better, you had wired it to short the battery before.

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I see. This simple? What a great product! I will buy it. Thanks!

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All switches are that simple…

You don’t necessarily have to have this one unless you prefer its keyed design.

I actually prefer a fast emergency switch kill switch. Didn’t know it was this simple.

Most easily attainable e-stops probably won’t switch 60A. You could add a relay for that.