On Ardupilot firmware, my quad flies really good, but on PX4 firmware it doesn't

Hello guys.
in my case,
my Quad(motor to motor : 900mm class) has CUAV Nora FC,
16000mAh 12S batt’,
and 5015 150KV motors.
but there is little problem. I don’t know about exact specifications of the ESC. it just 40A.
The distributor said, it is FOC type and that type has not necessary ESC calibration.(honestly, i can not understand what that means)

I flashed firmware Arducopter 4.1.0 for Nora in mission planner.
so i setted basic config.(Frame, sensors, radio etc.)
it flies very well in stablize, althold and loiter modes. there’s no fluttering.

but i have to use QGC. so i flashed PX4 firmware(1.12.3 CUAV Nora default) in QGC, and flying attitude is so weird.
in all modes(stab’, alt’, loit’) Quad is vibrating irregularly.
Even with PID tuning, the vibration did not go away.

here is ulog link.

what am i missed? TT

@coptingtech, maybee you can help here?

No need to flash PX4 firmware to use QGroundControl… I use it daily with Nora and other Arducopter compatible cards.

personally ardupilot firmware its very stable… px4 firmware its a little bit raw and if you want tune it well you need perform a good calibration changing and testing the parameters.

Oh, i forgot something.
Copter owner wants to programming by use PX4.
And i’m trying to help pid tune.

TT it just so hard to me… difficult…

but i have to use QGC. so i flashed PX4 firmware(1.12.3 CUAV Nora default) in QGC, and flying attitude is so weird.

ArduPilot works pretty well with QGC. Many ArduPilot users use it.

what am i missed? TT

That this is an ArduPilot forum and you’re best asking for PX4 advince on
a PX4 forum? :slight_smile:

Please use the latest QGroundControl version, it has good ArduCopter support

Yeah i heared that.
But copter owner wants to use PX4 firmware. Because he need it for his study.
And i already posted on PX4 discuss forum.

Thanks for your comments! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your comments.
i’m running copter on QGC latest version(4.1.4)
and i made pretty good flying today. i tuned attitude control, horizontal velocity, PID etc.
honestly, i don’t understand which parameters are makes fly better.
Tomorrow, i’ll upload log data. please check and share me your opinion. it will be very helpful to me.
Thank you all!!

Nope that is not the latest, the latest is the QGroundControl daily version.

oh is it?
i’ll test copter until next week or longer.
If there is something unusual, I will share it.

I made pretty good flight. here it is flight log.
when quadcopter are hover flight, there’s rarely fluttering. it just vibrate little bit.
but it’s improved so much.
and i will keep testing for a while.

You are posting in the wrong forum. Assistance for PX4 is not offered here.

okay, i’ll delete my post soon here.

No need to delete it.