Omnipresense radars compatible with Ardupilot/pixhawk?


Was just wondering if anyone knew if the Omnipresense radars are compatible with Ardupilot/pixhawk and if there is some documentation online on how to implement it. I know they have a ROS package. So using a companion computer may be the best way to implement it. Please advise…


I have already worked with these radars. They do not have drivers for ardupilot.

Thanks Bruno…would it be possible to intergrate it with ardupilot using ROS? They have a ROS driver. Please advise…

I am not familiar with ROS systems… when I needed to use this radar I developed my own driver and built my custom ArduCopter firmware.

Ah ok I see. Thanks for your help!

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Hi Bruno,

Who can I engage to create a driver and custom ArduCopter firmware?

Learn how to setup the environment and build the code by this link:

You can take a look on other rangefinder drivers in order to have an idea on how to implement it, based on the materials omnipresense makes available to customers (like arduino sketches).