Omnibus telemetry

Hello all. Need some help. I have an Omnibus F4 pro board I’m experimenting with. Loaded it with latest stabile Arducopter 3.6. Trying to get telemetry to work. Using a Frsky XSR, with un-inverted Sport hack to TX1. Have tried setting serial 1 and 2 to option 4 and 10. Neither send telemetry to X9D plus. Not sure what I need to do to get it to work. Any help would be appreciated.

Option 10 and protocol to half-duplex and give that a try.

How do I set half-duplex? If I can get this to work, will flash one of my Robocats with Ardupilot.

Update Mission Planner to latest and when you select the value for the Protocol parameter a pop-up menu should appear with checkboxes.

I’ve updated mission planner to 1.3.62 build 1.3.6984.6847. Not getting any pop-up. Off to C&T to see what cables they have.

Ah right, sorry. Serial Options:

Could this be a firmware option in ardupilot 3.7?

Yes, sorry for the goose chase.

It’s ok. Not flying season her yet anyways. I’ll give it some time before buy any cables. From the look of those options, I should be able to get it to work. Still need to finish the rebuild anyways. This time I’m gonna try wiring up the built in current sensor. Thanks for all your help.

I did manage to find and install dev 3.7 on my Omnibus F4 pro. Using the serial options I did get it to work. Good to know I can get it to work. When 3.7 becomes a stable release, I will flash one of my Robocats with it.