Omnibus Nano Uarts

I know I’m getting a bit ahead of things here… But I noticed the Omnibus Nano is now in the latest builds.
I found this image with the uart assignments.

Does anyone know (or could ask on the development chat) if ESC telemetry is still possible in this configuration?
It’s on the connector w/ the motor/servo’s. RX4. The board has 5 uarts, so I think there are enough for it.

-edit to say, or is analog current reading really available? I don’t see a pin for it on the pcb. But I do see it mentioned in the hwdef file.

And, is the SD card in Arducopter used for anything other than logging? This board doesn’t have one.


Hi wicked1, have you found the others UARTS on nano V6?
I would connect the CX OF optical flow to the TLM2 but i don’t found where is on in this FC. Thanks

No, I don’t think it was ever enabled in the HWDef. Looks like I was asking about ESC telemetry when I made that post… And that does work now.

Maybe the smart audio port could be used as an input, RX? I don’t think there are enough ports available for another full tx/rx telemetry port, though.

But on the wiki, i can read this for nano V6:

Default UART order

  • SERIAL0 = console = USB
  • SERIAL1 = Telemetry1 = USART1
  • SERIAL2 = Telemetry2 = USART4
  • SERIAL4 = not assigned
  • SERIAL5 = not assigned
  • SERIAL6 = not assigned

I think that’s just wrong… The omnibus nano instructions say only 5 are available. We use 1 for the RC input, then telemetry, gps, and ESC telemetry. So maybe one is available. But there were issues with timers and things I don’t completely understand. I really think if any are available, it’s just one port, so just TX or just RX, but not both available.
(I’m not an expert w/ the HW_Def’s, though, so maybe someone else with more programming experience will see this and have better information)

But i can use the “esc telemetry” for optical flow? My esc don’t have telemetry …

You could use that port as in input only… There is a pad on the PCB for it, next to the ESC connector. I’ve never used optical flow, though, so don’t know if they need RX and TX… If they just push out data, I’d imagine it will work, but I don’t know.

Yes optical flow only TX out. Thanks

Hi wicked1, on the omnibus nano v6, buzzer work?


Not when I built mine abut a year ago. Not sure if someone has changed the HWDEF since then, though. It does have a pad for buzzer… It just was not defined in the HWDEF.

The “active buzzer” is defined on pin 80 but I’m not sure if that’s the “buzzer” pad on the FC. I’m not suing a buzzer so not sure.

I try now with active buzzer (- buzz and 5Vdc pad). With lipo connect works for “copter lost sound” and “armed” (long beep). No musical tone at startup.

I don’t know if it works for “low battery” (crucial) and “and autotune” like the normal pixhawk.
It also does not sound when changing flight modes