Omnibus Nano 6.1 bricked and rx not working

I received the board some day ago, flashed with Betaflight.

Soon i found issues trying to enter in boot mode: i used the Driver Fixer to solve the issue, anyway once flashed with BF or Inav (i made several tests) i must fix the DFU drivers again.

Then i flashed the board with Arducopter, and now i cannot enter in DFU mode and the driver Fixer DON’T recognize the FC anymore ad cannot fix anything.

Anyway the firmware is now installed, i connected my Flysky receiver (to RX1 pads) correctly binded and working, but the Mission Planner don’t recognize the RX.

Someone can help me?
Thanks in advance.

RC Input isn’t on Rx1. Read thru this?

Thanks for your kind reply:
Yes, but now i’m confused and im guessing in which pad of my 6.1 i must solder the IBUS wire fom the RX!!!

RXin here.


It’s shown in the illustration in the link I sent.

I have a couple of the V6’s and have to say these 6.x versions seem to be a PITA. There are better options for a 20x20 board that runs Ardupilot.

Would you like to share some recommendations, please?


Many thanks, it’s the pad i was looking for…

If I needed a new flight controller it would for sure be an H743 based board. Ardupilot has moved well beyond 1Mb so features are being dropped so the firmware fits. The only 20x20 board of that kind right now is the Matek H743-Mini. There is a Slim version also if you don’t need a tiny board. And of course the Wing version. If you don’t need the features that are limited a Kakute F7 Mini but it has to be a V2 version. V3 doesn’t have enough Flash. Also the little Kakute board doesn’t have an Sd card reader, the Matek board does.

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A great board but very expensive, in my opinion.

It’s not really but it depends on what you value. It has 2 IMU’s, a better barometer, CAN, 2Mb flash, a load of UARTS, 11 PWM outputs and a Sd card reader for $56. It’s a bargain. I learned about 10 builds ago saving a few $$ (~$25 in this case) is not significant when it comes to the overall cost of a quality craft.


absolutely: will be perfect for a serous LR aircraft. Actually i’m working on small 3" stuff an the NANO is more than enough, for me.

it‘s me who did the wiki text body and images on the nano6.x revisions.
if there‘s any suggestions for how to improve the docs, feel free to post here or PR against the current version.
please note that airbot isn‘t really generously letting out information about respective hardware revisions. check the airbot OmnibusF4NanoV6 product page for (non existent) reference :wink:

Hi there i’m struggling on the wiring… the V4 6.1 is a true PITA.

I’m working on a cinewhoop with a Runcam Hybrid, can you help me to setup this stuff?
I’m wiring the other boards, and i’m following this drawing: the used pads are marked in RED, in GREEN the free pads . Runcam Hybrid as a split cam (if im’ right) needs TWO RX/TX

I hope you can help me

Hi basti.

Just an additional note in the wiki, that ‘BRD_ALT_CONFIG’ is only available with 4.1.0 dev would do, I think. :wink:

br kalle

@nostromo123 thanks kalle, will do!

@FINNIGAN imho that board isn‘t really much more of a pita than any other board. it‘s a small board with limited ressources though. there‘s two full uarts + I2C when using ALT_CONFIG = 1, just like on the original V6 version.

@nostromo grazie, amico: you just confirmed that i need a board with some UART more… Maybe can you help me concerning the Runcam Hybrid setup? If i’m not wrong i need TWO uarts for this stuff…

Another question: after flashing th board, i cannot enter in DFU mode anymore, i cannot fix the drivers. How i can solve this issue? I cannot re-flash the board wit a different firmware…

Hi Finnigan.

I am new to AP and learning. Only build a demo board (flying wing) with the Nano 6.1

After flashing the master firmware I have 2 UARTs (GPS and BT). But I do have no knowledge about ‘Runcam Hybrid setup’.

Sure you can flash different firmware. For flashing a different version of AP, just flash using Mission Planner. I personally prefer QGroundControl. For flashing INAV etc., you have to bridge the boot connection on the board …

br KH

Search for “runcam hybrid” on the forums - there is a thread that explains what works and what doesn’t

I’ve read a lot of things, MANY things but sincerely i don’t understand if i MUST connect both the hybrid’s RX/TX outputs or i can manage the cam functions manually. What i REALLY need is the 4K cam on-off switch on my radio.

You can only connect to one UART - the driver does not support both at the same time. You need to connect to the bigger set of pads. With the latest 4.1 this should give you what you want.