Omnibus F4 V6 working with servos and lidar

Hi, I’m new to ardupilot but thought I would try it by jumping into the chibios os. I would like to take the opportunity to thank the community for all the work done here.

I purchased an omnibus f4 v6 (not the nano version) and realized it was quite different from earlier omnibus f4 versions. Below is a preliminary hwdef file for the board, extending from the nano v6, with a some differences (a couple of changed pin definitions, i2c1, gyro alignment, servos and an added uart). I have not tested it flying, but things seem to work (gps, magnetometer, sbus radio, two servos for a gimbal, lidar and motors (on a kitchen table, w/o frame). Rssi is taken from a given rc channel.
Basic pin mapping is from a multimeter, so its basic.

I am not sure if it’s common (nor advisable) to add the hex_bl firmware here, but I can give a link if somebody would like to do some testing and don’t want to build it. I compiled using the most recent master branch as of yesterday, 3.7-dev.
I the forum I found the topic discussion started by “wicked1” very informative.

A couple of questions:

  1. I tried implementing spi-flash logging (this board does not have an SD card) without success. I could not find the source code for this so that I could understand and see the available definitions. Is this functionality implemented in chibios?

  2. I could not build the hex files unless I replaced the name for a board already implemented. I “grepped” the repo, but still did not find out what had to be done. What must be done for waf to build the hex (I have set up an environment with the required python modules, and it works fine if I replaced the name with an existing one)