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Omnibus F4 V5 & V6 Setup - Application Race Quad


(Matt Kear) #21

Are you sure it is the WiFi telemetry? How many OSD screens have you enabled? If you have enabled more than one make sure that they are set up so as to be able to switch through the different screens. For example. If you switch through them by using set switch positions, make sure that no two Re on the same switch position. This will cause the osd to flicker really bad.

Which uart have you connected the telemetry to?

(Dennis Schanze) #22

Telemetry is on UART 1. It’s a 500mW 433mHz 3DR Clone that i had laying around. I think its the BEC to be honest.

(chris rey) #23

Hi, did some flight tests with Omnibus F4V5.1, happy with this. Was also able to connect camera. I’ve a 5V transmitter so I connected the RAM to 5V. Vin to camera and Vout to transmitter. But what is missing is OSD. Do I have to execute a specific operation in MP to display it? No OSD is displayed now. Even with OSD_TYPE set to 1. Running Beta8 arducopter.

(Matt Kear) #24

Hi Chris,
After setting OSD_Type to 1 you need to power cycle the board. Then the full OSD list of parameters will become available to you. You should now be able to see OSD1_ENABLE in the ful parameter tree. Set this to 1. You should now see your OSD (although a power cycle maybe required, can’t remember).

(chris rey) #25

I did OSD_TYPE=1, rebooted and then I’ve seen that OSD1_ENABLE was already set to 1. Let all other parameters to default, like OSD_CHAN=0 OSD_FONT=0. And still no OSD in my Goggles, strange…

(Matt Kear) #26

Which version of the firmware are you using? 3.6.0-rc8? If so, there is your problem. The on board osd for this board hasn’t been encorporated into the stable or beta releases yet. Try the dev build (that’s what I am running) and it should work.

(chris rey) #27

Running ArduCopter V3.6.0-rc10
OK, thanks, will try dev build, didn’t know, sorry.

(Matt Kear) #28

No problem. I am happy to help as much as I can :grin:
Try the latest build and see how you get on. Let me know if you have any problems and I can send you one of my builds that I know works :+1:

(chris rey) #29

Hi Matt, that was the solution, installing ArduCopter V3.7-dev, thanks a lot! But I think they should mention this somewhere in the Wiki

(Matt Kear) #30

Glad I could help :+1:

The trouble with updating the wiki is that the problem is specific to this board and is only temporary. The driver for the OSD chip on the omnibus F4 has already been written by one of the devs and it is in the master. It just takes time for any changes to trickle down through beta testing and finally into the stable release. Strictly speaking we are jumping ahead by using the dev build (at the risk of unstable performance).

(Ryan C Smith) #31

Thanks for the info @IAMMATT and everyone who has posted . I am going to jump onboard and test some things out when more parts show up. I am running an Omnibus F4 v5.1 and from what I can tell it is all but identical to the V6. Loaded f4pro copter 3.6 r10 now. I am going to move on to Master aka 3.7 dev now that I see this thread. Will start poking about after this weekend. Any one working on getting more uarts on the hardware def? I’ll track down a pin out and take some high def pictures before I start connecting this thing up so I can follow traces. Likely wont be able to do this till after this weekend. Got some camping and a wedding to attend to. Cheers

(Matt Kear) #32

Hi Ryan,

The v6 and the v5.1 have the same processor, but the boards are different. Unfortunately the v6 does not have an sd card slot. I was pretty disappointed this out when mine came. I use the data flash logs a lot for debugging.

When you say ‘get more UARTS on the hardware def’ are you talking about reassigning some of the pins on the board to have more UARTS?

(Gary Mortimer) #33

Great write up, being lazy I have not read all the following posts, has anyone mentioned that GPS is upside down…

(Matt Kear) #34

Hi Gary,
Do you mean gps is upside down on the pictures I posted earlier in the post?

(Gary Mortimer) #35

Yes, should have the antenna up.

(Matt Kear) #36

Thanks for pointing it out. The orientation was intentional at the time of taking that photo. That was when I was trying to debug and get my GPS working and I wanted the indicator LEDs to be visible, so I glued it on upside down and flipped my mag orientation through 180. Worked fine. I am designing a new case that will house the GPS neatly, internally. Will be sure to have it pointing the right way up in the final build :+1:

(Gary Mortimer) #37

Ah ok, I just thought I better check :wink:

(Ryan C Smith) #38

If we are using the omnibusf4pro hwdef and it has less (3x) uarts then our boards. You had made a comment about it about a month ago. The 5.1 also has 5x uarts.

(chris rey) #39

hi @IAMMATT , did you try autotune? I’m just asking because in MP with this Dev firmware the CH7 and CH8 options in advanced settings Tab are not available, but can set in full parameters view, no? Did you get good results? Thanks, Chris

(Matt Kear) #40

Hi Chris,
I found that I had to reinstall mission planner. That ‘un-grayed’ a lot of the parameters on the extended tuning screen.

Yeah, I autotuned my race quad. It took quite a few attempts but it got there in the end. I could only tune one axis at a time as the battery would only last that long. Initially it wouldn’t complete with AUTOTUNE_AGGR set to 0.1. I set it to 0.08 and it worked well. It generally was flying pretty good. I subsequently went back over all the axis, autotuning with AUTOTUNE_AGGR set to 0.1. It worked this time as the starting point was closer. However the flying performance was unchanged. Even check through the data flash logs the tune rate response appeared the same.