Omnibus F4 V5 No Radio

Wanted to try ArduCopter on a microdrone så I installed ArduCopter 3.6 on a Omnibus F4 V5 card. I cannot get any inputs from the radio. I have tried both Graupner SUMD bus also Taranis FrSky SBUS without success. The software is running. I can test the motors and access all settings but on Radio setup the bars are “empty”.
The card has solder pads for SBUS/PPM and I have tried them both.
I have two equal cards. Both have been running Betaflight with the Graupner SUMD so it should not be a hardware issue.

Please help
Mr Anders W

there is a jumper resistor to choose sbus and ppm on such board, did you set the jumper right?

I got the same problem. When I attached GPS(UART6), No Radio. After GPS detached, Radio show again. I suspect it is the share conflict of UART6 for GPS and Radio.

I have the same problem. I can’t have GPS and radio at the same time.