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Omnibus F4 v3 pro and Naza m GPS module

Hi does anyone know if I can use the Naza M lite GPS and compass module on a Uart with Adrucopter like Inav?

@Stevowonder Naza GPS is not supported as for now. it does GPS and mag data transfer over a single common port. actually @hwurzburg and i did consider trying to add support quite a while back. there‘s a lot of pretty well performing budget GPS/mag hardware around now, so likely not worth the effort…

Too bad. I have a couple of Naza GPS modules collecting dust that I wish I could use.

i‘ve actually modded a nazaGPS (ublox M8N chipset) for default UART GPS only use by deconnecting the onboard processor and bridging the ublox chipset‘s RX / TX pads to the respective connector pins.
it works, but my cheapo BN180 just perform noticeably better…

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