Omnibus f4 pro with bn880

I have connected and calibrated my BN880 compass GPS how ever the compass reading looks only from the omnibus f4 board. is the bn880 a chip that helps with additional data or should it have an orientation.

All compass’s have a reference orientation. And that board doesn’t have an on-board compass.

Are you moving the FC and the BN880 at the same time? If you’re just moving one (the GPS/Magnetometer) you’re probably getting an error or warning because the EKF is getting confused.

I am only moving the FC.
In fact if I move the BN880 it does not do a thing. (although it did register in the calibration process).
another thing is when I put the BN880 in a certain angle the yew direction (heading) starts to drift very slowly.
@dkemxr even when the BN880 was not connected I head a reading of heading from the FC.

edit: when everything is strapped then booting the FC then the the yew is stable but the moment anything moves the value starts drifting

Sure, that’s normal behavior from the Z-axis Gyro.

I see.
I managed to get it a bit more stable but now no I just cant seem to calibrate the compass. every time I finish and reboot it just says again to calibrate.

Also for some reason I cant connect with the sik radio (it worked fine before).
it starts fine and then slows down more and more until it almost freezes at the finish

Post a screen shot of the Setup>compass screen. Orientation shouldn’t matter as it will be learned during calibration but the connector on those modules faces rearward relative to the craft for standard orientation. Post your parameter file also.

When you do the calibration make sure you’re moving both the compass and the flight controller. If they aren’t mounted in the drone, stick them together in the same orientation relative to each other that they will be in once installed. If you can, do the compass calibration outside, away from everything, and with a GPS lock.

Then once everything is working and flying, run MagFit.