Omnibus F4 pro GPS

On the Omnibus F4 pro running Arducopter 3.6 GPS 1 was assigned to Serial 3 in version 4 there is no Serial 3 just 0,1 and 2.

I have configured serial 2 to use GPS but it still not working. What are the new Serial Port mapping for the Omnibus F4 pro

David Ardis

This is a bug that will be fixed in the next RC

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GPS works fine on serial 3 with my Omnibus F4 pro. However, I can’t seem to get serial 1 working properly with a standard telemetry radio. it seems to be able to send data fine but doesn’t read data. All the live telemetry data shows up in GCS but I can’t write waypoints to parameters.

@Daniel_Riley, thanks for the report. I’ve added it to our Copter-4.0 issues list so we don’t forget. Hopefully we can find someone else with this board so they can verify whether they also cannot read/write waypoints or parameters using serial1.

@Daniel_Riley @rmackay9 I will load copter 4 on my Omnibus F4 pro later an let you know

@Daniel_Riley @rmackay9 Installed version 4 on the Omnibus F4 pro. GPS and Telemetry are working
For reference am using
Mission Planner 1.3.70 build 1.3.7277.34800
and the serial parameters are

David Ardis

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@ardisd, Thanks for checking.

@Daniel_Riley, hopefully this means that it’s a setup issue so if you’re still having problems perhaps attach or link to an onboard log (aka dataflash log).

@ardisd, Thanks for checking!

This is the specific board I’m using:
Does that version use the Omnibus F4 pro target? If not, maybe thats the source of my problem.

I’ll do some more troubleshooting and post a log later today

Have you done this?
“PPM solder pad/resistor should be soldered and “S-BUS” resistor/solder pad removed Otherwise, UART1 or UART6 or RCIN will not work.”

Yes have don that

David Arsis

[quote=“ardisd, post:10, topic:50394”]
Yes have done that

I have the same board and a similar problem. Can you tell me what you did to remove the resistor, since there doesn’t seem to be a solder pad? I’m thinking that might be the problem.

@xbnr99 The Update to the latest version sorted the problem

David Ardis