Omnibus F4: Dshot and output groups - regroup pins possible?

Dear all,

i am using several Omnibus F4 for smaller quads. The ESCs are connected using Dshot150 protocol. The motors are using the first 4 outputs. I would like to use the remaining two output pins for camera control.

Unfortunately the output groups are 1/2/6 and 3/4/5. Thus, pin 5 & 6 are configured using Dshot and thus unusable for normal servo/camera control.

I would like to ask, if it Is it possible to regroup the output pins? Or why are the output groups as they are?

Thanks for help.

options for fundamental pin <-> timer rearrangements are fairly limited.

however, if you‘re using „pro“ board versions, two more pwm outputs on a separate timer can be added on Ch5/6 pads. this has already been merged to master. see

for reference.

According to the wiki, the PRO version provides two additional outputs (PWM7 & PWM8) on the rear (“MOTO”) . 8 PWMs in 3 groups (1/2/6, 3/4/5, 7/8)

Thanks. Unfortunately there are several versions around and my Omnibus pro do not have the PWM 7&8 pins exposed. I will try another solution - like camera control using I2C