Omnibus F4 AIO Accelerometer issue

Hello. I have an Omnibus F4 AIO purchase from BG:

I am able to install Arducopter. However the accelerometer does not work out the box. If I try to calibrate it then the board locks out and crashes mission planner. I have tested it in iNav and it works fine.

Any suggestions?

The BG description suggests its an AIO with a current sensor? So should I try the Omnibus f4 pro firmware?


You could try that but is there a barometer on that board?

No there isn’t. It is on the way. Will that affect the accelerometer then?

Reason I thought it was odd is that it works in inav. But yeah getting a check brd error on the hud about there being no barometer

Inav or Betaflight it is then.

It will only work with Beta Flight, Clean Flight or iNav. I have one.

Download the latest firmware. It was recently released.