OMG what have I done ;-)

only gone and purchased a Pixhawk,again… been using Naza’s for a while now with not that many hassles, but as we all know the Naza is limited to what can be done…Looking forward to the challenge that is Pixhawk and Mission Planner… we all need to keep the old grey cells churning over… now bird Number 3 will be joining the fleet.

How are pilots views with the new firmware?

My advice is anyone building a new vehicle or trying ardupilot for the first time (or first time in a while) should stick w/ the official, stable release. Then when things go wrong, you know the beta firmware is not to blame.

Pixhawk is the best flight control I’ve ever seen.
Naza has long been out of date.

Naza still does the job, but as I said it has it’s limitations…I’m looking forward to flying the Pixhawk via Tower App and or mission planner, using ROI and mission flights… should be fun and open things up for me a tad more…

recorded this one last Sunday using a Naza m v2 fitted to a custom built x-quadcopter…all flying was done L.O.S

Hi, DJI stuff is relay nice but your in the Firmware Beta testing page so step one would be to learn the navigation of the wiki and check out YouTube Painless 360.

Yep, I have downloaded Painless360’s videos, along with a few others by Denis Baldwin and viewed a few more by the forums main man “Randy McKay” … looking forward to working with Pixhawk once again…