Older Versions Of BLHeliSuite32 Firmware Piror To Version

 Good evening, My Quad has ArduCopter v3.6.11, ChiBios onboard.  Trying to install BLHeliSuite32, with no luck which put my project at a impasse.  It appears ArduCopter v3.6.11, is not compatible with the newer version of BLHeliSuite32.  Does anyone no were older visions of the BLHeliSuite32 prior to, can be found.  Have tried some random searches but have come up empty.  Although really not sure were older version of BLHeliSuite32, Firmware would be located to search.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I have used fine with copter 4.0rc2

Thank you, for your response. Is it possible for you to send a link to that Firmware. So we can give it a try to see if we have any luck.

I think the firmware is the same 32.7 - it’s only BLHeli suite that changes

Very good, I give it a try. Hopefully it will be answer. Thanks